Our Family Scrapbook

Peter is the best husband ever!

There are a million wonderful stories I could write about Peter, but this is one I just have to write down right now.

One day in mid-August 2022, I went to the pharmacy, which was just a couple of blocks from our house. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a beautiful–I mean really beautiful–car. It was white with a black top. My heart just flip-flopped! My reaction to this car was so incredibly strange–I had never been remotely interested in cars, never yearned for an expensive car, never wanted a fancy car or a sports car. All I ever wanted was a car that worked. At that time, I was driving a 15-year-old Nissan Versa that was in excellent condition–and I was quite happy with it. But that white car with a black top had me in its clutches.

I parked my old black Nissan and walked over to that shiny white car with the black top to get a better look. Oh, the interior was so sweet and high-tech, and the white body was like an ocean pearl. The black top reminded me of a jaunty beret, adding just the right touch of pizzazz to this Wonder Car. I walked around the back and discovered that it was a Nissan Kicks. Wow! Another Nissan!

When I got home, I told Peter about this beautiful car that I had just seen and asked him to come with me just to have a look. He did and agreed that it was, indeed, a beautiful piece of machinery.

I never expected to own a Nissan Kicks, it just wasn’t in my budget at that time. But it was fun looking at it and marvelling over its beauty.

Now, here comes the truly amazing part. One Saturday, a couple of weeks later, Peter and I were relaxing in the living room, and he said to me, “I’m going to tell you something, and you can’t say, ‘no.'” What the heck was he talking about?
“I’m going to buy you a Nissan Kicks,” he said. I told him not to be so ridiculous. There was no way he was going to buy me a car. But he would not take “no” for an answer. We got dressed and headed out to the Nissan dealer on Hunt Club Road, and right there, and then, he bought me a pearl white Nissan Kicks with a black top. I was kind of in shock, but oh, so happy! I picked it up two days later and have been driving and loving my car ever since. I know this will be my last car, and what a wonderful car it is!

The story goes on: We left Nissan and went down the road to the Audi dealer, where Peter bought himself a brand new Audi Q5. It’s silver, extremely high-tech, and super comfortable. He just loves his car!

OMG, what an exciting and memorable day!

Peter is always surprising me with something special and unexpected, but this one definitely took the cake!

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