Our Family Scrapbook

Peter and his siblings

Peter was born Pierre Francois Rochon on September 9, 1962, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

He was the middle child in a family of five. The firstborn was Charles (Chuck), who lives in Brantford, Ontario. Next was Denis, who now resides in Vancouver. Then came Peter, who now lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Next was Lynn, who lives in Hanmer, Ontario, near Sudbury, with her husband, Steve. They live next door to their daughter, Jenn, her husband, Steve, and their grandson, William. And then came Fran, who lives in Hanmer with her husband, Paul.

Photo: Jenn and Dylan’s wedding, September 2017, Noelville, Ontario. Left to right: Peter, his sister, Lynn and her husband, Steve. The bride, Lynn and Steve’s daughter, Jenn. The groom, Dylan Lebrech. Paul and Peter’s sister, Fran and their son, ‘ti Paul.

Peter left Sudbury when he was 17 to attend Devry Institute of Technology in Toronto. He studied Electronic Technology in a seven-trimester program that had no breaks. He worked at a gas station to earn the money he needed for school. When he graduated, he got a job in Toronto with Harris Computers as a Bench Technician. Dedicated to quality workmanship and getting a job done on time, he moved up to Field Engineer in Calgary. He quickly climbed the ranks to Senior Field Engineer, to Service Supervisor, to Service Manager overseeing the team in Western Canada. He then got a transfer to Ottawa in the late 1980s. A couple of years later, he took a job with Corel. After 10 years at Corel, he took a job as Chief Technology Officer with Runaware. While he was with Runaware, he spent a great deal of time working in Sweden. He eventually tired of travelling and took a self-funded sabbatical for two years. Then, he joined Level Platforms (LPI), a startup software company, as Director of Product Management. After several years at LPI, he decided to start his own company, Red Lion Data. His company has grown steadily since 2011 and he enjoys working for himself from home in a no-stress environment. Peter does data mining for Fortune 500 clients worldwide.

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