Our Family Scrapbook

My wonderful son

Neil was adorable as a baby and cute as a button when he was a little kid. I didn’t know he would be even better looking as he grew up—these pictures are proof! More than that, he grew up to be a good man with integrity and a pure heart. He is a wonderful son, as well as an amazing husband, father and grandfather. Our family is so lucky to have him.

Neil on his second birthday

Neil, age five, in his beloved hockey sweater.

Neil at 18-19.

Neil and Jenn when they were dating, circa 1990. What a beautiful couple!

Here is Neil in September 2013, age 42…but he looks much younger–lucky guy!

Here is me with my beautiful son in 2022. He gets better looking with every passing day!

I am the luckiest mom on the planet to have a son who is warm, giving, caring, and very generous with his time and effort. I love him so much!

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