Our Family Scrapbook

My wonderful daughter

Angie was a gorgeous baby who grew up to be a magnificent woman. She is kind and caring, industrious and health-conscious. Here are some pictures of Angie through the years–she keeps getting more beautiful by the day.

This is Angie, 16 months old. Besides the photo taken of her as a newborn in the hospital, I have just a few of her as a infant; many were lost in a move. She was a lovely baby,

Here she is with Neil at almost 5 (Neil was five months old); she cut a chunk out of her bangs shortly before the photo was taken. Good memory!

Angie dressed up as Raggedy Angie for a school Halloween contest, which she won.

Angie grew up to be a beautiful woman, a wonderful daughter and a very devoted mother. Here she is with Lindsay–what a lovely mother-daughter photo.

Here’s Angie in 2022, on the day we did our “Memory Lane” drive through Ottawa, as I showed her the many places I lived as a child. In this photo, she is standing in front of the library I visited as a child: great memories and a wonderful day.

I am indeed blessed to have such an amazing woman as my daughter!

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