Our Family Scrapbook


Life was simple in the 1950s. My mom, dad, brother Bob and I lived in a small apartment in Ottawa. We didn’t have a yard to play in, just the sidewalk in front of our building. I didn’t know I was poor until I got older and looked back on my childhood. I didn’t know what I didn’t have! I was happy. I had three meals a day, a warm bed and loving parents. Here are some photos of “back then.”

Photo left: me and my brother, Bob. Ages five and four.

Photo below: Bob, our friend, Michelle, and me. Ages about six and seven.

Photo above: me in the water at Dutchie’s beach in Sandy Hill, Ottawa, Ontario.

Photo left: Mom applying suntan lotion at Brighton Beach in Ottawa. Circa 1957.

Photo left: On Christmas 1958, Dad opened his electric shaver. I was so excited for him, and Mom was, too, because he would no longer be messing up the bathroom with his shaving soap.

Dad is on his motorcycle. He and Mom used to ride together. One night, he rode rather wildly through the streets of Sandy Hill, and some police officers went after him. His dad was the Chief of the Morality Squad and was able to call them off. Oh, Dad, you were such a rebel!

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