Our little arbor

December 13, 2020

I’ve wanted an arbor for such a long time and this summer we finally put one in our backyard. We added a few flagstones around it and planted some flowering shrubs on either side–three-season lilacs. I also planted some grapevines that will, hopefully, cover the arbor in beautiful shade-producing greenery.

Here’s Peter putting it together…with my help, of course!

Well, someone had to test it out.

We built our arbor on the back deck and then we moved it into its permanent location at the back of the yard.

It looks so pretty and it was just what we needed in front of the bare spot in the hedge.

Sometimes I sit there and just take in the beauty of summer.

The summer of 2020 was sweltering and the grapevines struggled to hang on. It was also the summer of the great pandemic, COVID-19. I believe that next summer will be the best summer, ever! Dontcha think?

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