Relax and unwind, you’re on patio time!

Our very talented niece, Renée, and her husband, Félix, created two beautiful signs for our deck planters. My husband, Peter, came up with the slogan. I think they look great!

First, the wood is burned to preserve it and then the text is carved out. I added a coat of Varathane for further protection and Peter put them up with his trusty drill. And, now, it’s time to relax and unwind, it’s patio time!

Summertime, and the living is easy

I’ve been so busy with gardening and other outdoor work (like sitting in the gazebo with a good book) that I haven’t had time to do much blogging. So, here’s an update on our yard…it’s starting to take shape, finally. When we moved in here in January of 2013, the entire property was hidden under snow, so we had no idea what we’d find come spring. Well, spring came, and it wasn’t pretty. But, enough about that. Here’ what we’ve created over the past few years…a new deck, gazebo, flower beds, plants and shrubs, outdoor lighting…

When we cleaned out the garden shed we found this old baker’s rack. I spray painted the metal part a nice shiny black, added new boards for the shelf and popped some plants onto it. It sits on the deck, right outside our back door. Everything old is new, again!

Our new planter boxes. This photo was taken in May…you should see them now! The boxes are overflowing with blooms.

The gazebo at night is so pretty with the lights in it.

The big old stump from a giant Norway pine that we had to cut down. Peter hollowed out the centre and I planted some flowers in and around it. It’s so pretty now.

Our pretty garden shed.

Peter showing off his big-man muscles.

I found the metal base of our birdbath in a neighbour’s trash one day when I was out for a walk. I lugged it home and painted it black. Peter added a board to the top of the post which I then painted in teal to match the birdbath. I put a few rocks in so the butterflies can land on them and have a drink, too.

I just love this birdbath.
So many hostas!

Yep, more hostas…and there are lots more, too!

While every garden has weeds, have you ever seen a dandelion this big? I found it way underneath our Silverleaf Dogwood. What a monster!

I could go on and on about our backyard, but I think you get the idea, right? Anyway, we feel very blessed to have a yard that we can enjoy and relax in.

Happy gardening to you!

Fireplace Makeover 2

March 31, 2019

When we bought our 1972 ranch style bungalow back in January 2013, it had a dark and dreary red brick fireplace. We hated it.

So, in 2016, we painted it white. Well, that really brightened things up, But, it was just so white.

Today, we gave up our Sunday naps, got out our paint brushes and took another crack at it. We think it looks much warmer and cozier.

And, now, we turn the page and go on to our next little project.

Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope you’ll stop by, again!

Still working on our backyard…

Unless you can afford to hire professional landscapers and pay them big bucks to do all your landscaping at once, the other option is to do-it-yourself, year by year.

Well, let me tell you, it’s a big job and it’s not cheap. But, every spring we have added, subtracted and changed our outdoor property to get it looking pretty and inviting. And, we still have lots more to do. But, hey, it keeps us busy and it’s great watching our work take effect as the season goes on.

It all started with a big, old, ugly and rotten tree in the middle of our backyard. We had that cut down in 2013, our first summer in this old 1972 ranch style house. There was no grass anywhere on the property. Ugh!! Here’s are a few photos from 2013.

Here’s our work-in-progress..

The new deck from two years ago looks great with the gazebo on it. At 16′ x 12′, the gazebo gives us plenty of shade and a nice breeze, too.

Beside the shed there is a lovely hosta garden.

When little Holly takes a break from exploring the yard, chasing the birds and chipmunks and hiding the hedges, she likes to have a rest in her bed.

We were trying out our new “patio lanterns,” and Peter caught me scooting by in my old pajamas.

The scent of our lilacs waft into our bedroom as we’re drifting off to sleep at night. By the way, this is a new variety of lilac that blooms three times over the season. It grows about 4′ high and 4′-5′ around. I just planted it this spring, so it’s only about three feet high, but it has already burst into glorious blooms. In one corner of  our yard we have some really big lilac bushes. Yahoo!

The stump of our Norway Maple that we cut down in 2013. It’s sort of interesting, don’t you think? We hollowed it out, added earth and planted some perennials in it. I added a birdbath to it and planted some awesome plants around it.

There’s so much more going on since we took these photos. The plants are going crazy and the grass is beautiful and lush, thanks to a nice big bag of grass fertilizer.

Anyway, that’s it for now, with lots more to come later.

Thanks, so much, for dropping by!

My dream kitchen!

Finally, I have a white kitchen!

We moved into our house five-and-a-half years ago. The kitchen was very nice, but it just wasn’t white. So, a few weeks ago, after much deliberation and checking and rechecking my budget, I finally hired a company to transform my kitchen cabinets. Two years ago, I had quartz counter tops, new mosaic back splash and a new floor installed. Although they really improved the look of the kitchen, the cabinets were still maple. Sigh…

So, here are the before photo, the way the kitchen looked when we bought the house. Not white, but not bad.

Here is my beautiful white kitchen. (Note: the window treatments aren’t on, yet. That’s tomorrow’s job!) FYI, it was Acell Painting that did the job. Chris did the cabinets and Mike did the walls, room doors, crown molding, etc. Also, the doors were taken to their shop and went through a rigorous 14-day process to transform them into these gorgeous white cabinets.



If you’ve been thinking about transforming your kitchen, think about painting before you make the decision to purchase all new cabinets. It’s a fraction of the cost!

Thanks, for dropping by!

Flowers are always a good idea

Here it is, mid-August and my flower garden is filled with the most luscious blossoms. Autumn may be just around the corner, but I’m going to enjoy my flowers until  the first snowflake. Here are some of the beautiful flowers in my garden, starting with the spring lilacs and peonies, and moving on to the late summer blooms. Enjoy!


There are lots more beautiful blooms in my garden, but that’s all the photos I have at the moment. The window boxes on the front of my house are overflowing with petunias. More photos to come!

Our kitchen reno, finally!

Little changes can make a big difference.

cropped-New-header-front-of-house-2.jpgWhen we moved into our house in January 2013, I was in love with my kitchen–more or less. It’s big and bright, has a perfect work triangle and tons of storage. I wasn’t crazy about the colour of the cabinets or counter tops, but I knew they could be changed. I really like to preserve and update what we have, rather than just tossing things into the landfill and the cabinets are solid maple and in excellent condition–all good reasons for keeping them. Also, it would have been very expensive and quite extravagant, really, to replace all the cabinets, so we decided to keep them and change the really ugly stuff. (I’m going to live with them for a while and perhaps one day I will have them painted white…although that is doubtful, given that the estimate to have them professionally refinished is about $5,000.  Hmmm…i’ll have to give this one a lot of thought).

Here are the photos of the kitchen as it looked when we bought the house. You can see it had great potential, but the dark gray counter tops were just so dreary.

BEFORE…dark gray counter tops, outdated back splash and hardware that did nothing to enhance the cabinets.



A CLOSER LOOK…quartz counter top, brick back splash and black handles that pop!

We have so much counter space that we had to buy two slabs of granite…ykes! But, it is a beautiful piece of stone.


I carried the brick right up over the windows to add interest and I added some pretty bar stools that I bought on sale when Target went out of business here in Ottawa. This photo captures a few of my favourite things: the gorgeous lamp I bought for a steal at Walmart (of all places) and filled it with wine corks; the pretty clock my mom gave me for Christmas last year; and the plaid curtains and valances I bought on Amazon for a fraction of the price I would have paid elsewhere. Our style could be described as casual/country/farmhouse chic…pretty much.


Last year we had the dark and dreary gray ceramic tiles replaced with this beautiful wide plank laminate…I know, I know, everyone hates laminate. Well, not this girl! The new laminates have texture and look like real wood…and, five years from now they’ll look the same. (Left: on the day we moved in I was cleaning the grout…ugh…what a job. Right: my beautiful new laminate, heavy with texture and no grout to scrub. That makes me a happy girl!)



We also replaced the old black energy-hog of a fridge with a sleek and shiny stainless steel model…with an ice-maker. We’re practically living on ice-water these days; it’s so refreshing!


And, last but not least, my double under mount sinks. They are so deep I can put my soup pot right into one of them for scrubbing.


While this reno was not on my usual shoestring budget, it was an excellent investment in our home and we get to enjoy it for years to come. My next project is tiny: add shelves to the “broom closet” to store cleaning products. Now that’s something I CAN do on a shoestring budget!


Thanks for dropping in. I hope you will visit again, soon. Until next time, happy renos, happy everything!


Brick Fireplace Makeover

From dark and dreary to bright and cozy.

I guess back in 1972 this dark brick fireplace was pretty cool. Today, not so much. That dreary brick just sucked the light right out of our living room. So, after much research on Pinterest and many YouTube DIY videos, we decided to go for the gusto and paint it white.

A gallon of Behr white semi-gloss paint (we used the kind with built-in primer), a lot of elbow grease and, presto, our fireplace looks like a million bucks! By the way, we did use a wire brush to clean any dust off the bricks, but other than that, we just painted. One more tip: our brick is extremely rough and jagged and it took special effort to get full coverage. A paint brush worked fine for the grout lines, but the only thing that worked for the brick was a sponge…pound, squish, pound…that’s the technique…seriously.

Here are the before and after photos. By the way, we put up the mantel a couple of years ago at a cost of about $250; the paint job came to about $100 for paint and supplies–that’s what I call sticking to my shoestring budget.





style=”text-align: left;”>I hired a contractor to build in a bookcase to the right of the fireplace and a bookcase that wraps around under the corner window.



Th-th-th-that’s all for now, folks. Please drop in again, soon, for more shoestring reno ideas.


One Bathroom Reno: Check!

Our shoestring reno budget got stretched, but it was worth every penny.

bathroom-wordWhen we moved into our 1972 bungalow in 2013, we knew we had lots of work ahead of us to make this drab house into our cozy home. We were determined to do as much of it as possible by ourselves and on a shoestring budget. That said, when it came to our kitchen and main bathroom, we simply didn’t have the time, tools or expertise to tackle a full reno. So, reluctantly, I blew the dust off of my piggy bank and hired a professional bathroom and kitchen renovation company. Goodbye shoestring budget. Goodbye savings.

Although we have another full bathroom in the basement, the main floor bathroom is the one we use every day, so we wanted it done, done right and done fast. Back in the 1970’s,  when this house was built, bathrooms were all about function and definitely not about luxury. The “spa” bathroom was an extravagance found only in the very richest homes (we thought only movie stars had big fancy bathrooms). So, here is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in…note the weird etchings on the bathroom mirror (someone must have gotten an etching kit for Christmas and thought that a zebra, a mountain goat and some seaweed would look great etched (forever) into their bathroom mirror). Note: not my shower curtain, this photo was from the real estate listing.


13_tripp_crescent_mls_hid746807_roommainbathroomAFTER…   Here is our new and improved bathroom.


We went for a traditional style vanity with quartz countertop. All of the accents (hardware, mirror, medicine cabinet) in the room are  a warm dark brown.


We replaced our old bathtub with a walk-in shower. The rain shower and handheld water sources are such a treat! A teak shower bench makes it so easy to shave my legs! All of my decor items are things I picked up on sale or at the dollar store. Who says things have to be expensive to be pretty?

I love our new light! It's pretty and provides more light than we've ever had before.

I love our new light! It’s pretty and provides more light than we’ve ever had before. Hey, look at me in the mirror…duh!!!

And, what would a bathroom reno be without some new towels? I bought these scrumptious towels and this adorable farm truck painting with a gift certificate that some wonderful friends gave me for my birthday, which fell conveniently right after our reno was completed. (I love the painting because it’s 1) farm-related 2) there are dogs in it 2) it’s red and 4) it’s so unexpected in a bathroom.




I brought these clay fish home many years ago from a vacation in Cape Cod. I love them!


This pretty metal storage rack was my half-price find at HomeSense. It’ sturdy, yet light enough to move for cleaning under and behind.


I found these sweet shells in Cape Cod and decided they would look pretty in frames. I used a piece scrapbooking paper for the backgrouond and the frames were $5 each at Wal-Mart










So that’s it for our bathroom renovation. It’s stylish, functional and (we think) very pretty.

I hope you will drop in again, soon, to see our kitchen reno–which is also finished. Oh, and we’re in the process of painting our huge dark brick fireplace. It’s taking lots of elbow grease, but it’s really going to brighten up our living room! I will be posting photos and the tips we learned…the hard way.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy DIYing…and, remember to pace yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and every reno takes longer and costs more than you think it will. But, that’s all part of the game.

Our landscaping: from barren to beautiful!

As they say,”a picture is worth a thousand words.”

So, rather than bore you with a lot of text, I’m going to post some photos of our back yard. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a far cry from what we inherited from the last owners. It’s only been three years since we bought the house and already we’re seeing our hard work pay off. It took a lot of sweat and elbow grease, but we think it was well worth it.

Here we go. First up is our back yard in 2013, when we bought the house. The patio required hours back-breaking work every week to keep the weeds out…they popped up as quickly as I pulled them out. Also, note the lack of privacy from our rear neighbours. The decades-old wood fence was literally falling over when we moved in, so we had a chain link fence installed and a cedar hedge planted the following year. Cedar trees grow about 12″ to 18″ per year; ours were scrawny, but six feet tall, so it won’t be long before they fill out and reach a height of 12′-15′, more than enough to give us some privacy.


Here’s the old patio, freshly weeded. I took the photo quickly before the weeds grew back.

13 Tripp Aug 2 2014 (25)

So, last year we had a huge deck built (18′ x 24′) right off the back of the house. (Note the cedar hedge to the left, that’s how it looked when it was planted in November 2014. So, this is only it’s second growing season and it’s already filled in to give us some much needed privacy. Now, it just needs to get taller!

Backyard Makeover May 2016--in progress (9)

Then, we had a 12′ x 16′ gazebo installed on it to provide shade and protection from bugs. Always keeping in mind my shoe-string budget, we removed a huge pile of stones from the patio before they disappeared forever under the new deck. We then used the stones to create some planting beds next to the deck and in strategically located areas around the yard. Cost: Free! I added three compact shrubs in the planting bed and a ton of mulch (not one weed popped up all summer). 

Backyard work in progress--May 2016 (68)

…and then a couple plants more for autumn colour…

2016-09-04 12.06.07

…and another planting bed beside of the garden shed. I planted a Snowball hydrangea bush here, which will grow to be 10′ high and 15′ wide…eventually. At the moment, this bed a half-way house for  some displaced hostas. Next year they will be moved to their permanent home along the front of the deck.

Backyard 2016-07-04 20.10 (33)

Below, is a photo of my favourite planting bed located along the fence near the garden shed. I wanted a very natural and eclectic look, so I incorporated a “mosaic on glass” window that I made, three huge stumps from a 40-year-old tree that we had to to have cut down, a rusty old wire planter and a cute birdhouse.


Since I took this photo, the grass has become lush and green–despite this summer’s brutal heat. We pamper our grass with regular over-seeding, spring and fall fertilizers, regular mowing and by providing adequate water.

Backyard 2016-07-04 20.10 (3)

Here’s a closer look at this pretty and rustic planter that is hanging on the fence–a treasure I bought from a local antique dealer (very cheap).

Backyard 2016-07-04 20.10 (8)

Next, is our orange lilies bed, with our lilac buses in the background. They totally fill up one corner of our yard.

Backyard work in progress--May 2016 (53)


I painted the doors on our garden shed a shiny black to match the doors, window boxes and shutters on our house. I made two grapevine wreaths and hung one on each door. Such a pretty effect, don’t you think? A slender, slow-growing cedar tree adds a touch of nature! Again, using salvaged patio stones, we created a little walkway. I love how the vibrant green ground cover has eliminated weeds around the cedar and has started to soften the harsh edges of the patio slabs. Aren’t the sun rays pretty?

2016-09-05 10.43.18

Just outside our back door, which opens onto the deck, there’s a wicker table (not shown in this photo) that I bought at Canadian Tire a couple of years ago and then decided not to use it where I had originally planned. Above it I hung a shabby chic grill that’s shaped like a church window–another antique yard find. The sheaf of straw-like spears in the corner are the 4′ high stems from last year’s orange lilies that I tied with some twine. (Notes: 1) after the lilies have bloomed and dried, the stems pull out effortlessly; 2) no need to use nails or screws to hang things on your house–you can buy “brick clips” and “siding clips”).

2016-09-04 12.06.39

Here are a few photo of our gazebo, all ready for us to relax in. Some big square deck boxes store the furniture cushions and double as end tables. The chaise mattresses store nicely in a bigger deck box just outside the gazebo. Peter has hooked up some power cords for us so we can relax with our laptops, charge our cell phones, listen to our favourite tunes, etc.

Backyard work in progress--May 2016 (34)

I love to stretch out on a chaise with my laptop on my lap and my Bichon, Cookie, at my feet.

Backyard work in progress--May 2016 (36)

We love having our meals and snacks in the gazebo.Backyard work in progress--May 2016 (44)

Backyard work in progress--May 2016 (37)

And, last but not least, is our STUMP! This stump is what’s left of a 40-year-old Silver Maple tree that had to be cut down. The stump wasn’t going to go away, so I turned it into a birdbath and planted some ground cover that is spreading around  the base. I read somewhere that if you add a few stones to your birdbath, butterflies will light on them to drink. In addition to the stones, I also planted some pretty flowers that are guaranteed to attract butterflies. (Since this picture was taken, I have added some smaller stones to the birdbath and it seems to have done the trick–yay!!) Oh, I forgot to say that I bought this beautiful mother-of-pearl dish at a roadside antique shop during one of our Sunday drives. Cost: $10–colour me happy!

2016-05-31 18.31.45

The next few photos show the pretty ground cover that I planted around the base of my “tree-stump bird bath.”

2016-05-31 18.31.19

Here are the “butterfly flowers.”

2016-05-31 18.30.39

That’s our progress, to date. We’re getting very close to the point at which we can stop planting and just sit back and watch our little patch of heaven flourish and grow into our beautiful secret garden–guests always welcome, of course!

The contractors are coming tomorrow morning to start gutting our bathroom for a total renovation. And as soon as they finish it, they’ll be starting on the kitchen renos! I’m dreadomg of the mess, but as the late, great, Dorothy Parker, New York columnist. always said, “I hate writing, but I love having written,” …that’s pretty much how we feel about renovating.

Thank you for stopping by. Check in regularly for more updates and have fun make your house into your special home.