Total Eclipse of the Sun!

Yes, a total eclipse of the sun! That’s what happened today.

While those of us here in Ottawa, Ontario, weren’t directly in the Path of Totality, we did have 98 percent totality.

It was weird, strange, and exciting to see the sunny day turn to dusk and feel the temperature drop by several degrees. It only lasted a little over three minutes, but it was memorable.

A little further south in Niagara Falls, they experienced a total eclipse—complete darkness, just as if it were night. Thousands of people gathered there from all over Canada and the United States.

Here in Ottawa, there were viewing parties at museums and parks all over the city. Schoolchildren were given the day off so that teachers would not have to be responsible for their safe viewing of the eclipse.

This won’t happen again for 120 years, so I consider myself lucky that I was here for this one (even though I didn’t have the special viewing glasses and couldn’t go outside). It really was a big deal!


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