Our Family Scrapbook

They called me “Peanut”

Here I am at age 10 or 11 at St. François School in Orleans, 1960. (I’m the kid right in front). Orleans was all country, then, and we didn’t have a school bus. We had a very long walk on open roads, and I was so frozen when I got home from school every day that I had to put my hands in warm water to get them moving.

If I forgot my key at home, I had to take off my snowsuit, stand on a garbage can and have my brother push me through the milk door, which was just big enough to hold three quarts of milk. I was a pretty puny kid. In fact, they called me “Peanut.” 🙂

I actually had long hair, but my mother always curled it up tight in a little roll. I absolutely hated it!

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