Our Family Scrapbook

Taking a dip

Swimming pools were pretty much the best part of our summers. We swam morning, noon and night. Angie and Neil had friends over to swim most days, and I bought more Popsicles and made more hamburgers than I could count. But it was always so much fun!

We started with a small pool for the kids, 10 feet in diameter by 21″ deep. Pop loved to splash around with the kids, but then, he was a big kid himself. I think Neil’s in this picture under the splashing water.

Next, we moved to a pool that was 10 feet in diameter by three feet deep. It wasn’t huge, but it sure cooled us off on a hot summer’s day!

Below is a rare image of Nanny in the pool (or almost–she always slipped in very slowly) with her bathing cap on! Pop is wearing one of Angie’s sunhats.

When we moved from Gatineau Pointe, we got a bigger pool, 21 feet in diameter by four feet deep. This pool was so much fun for kids and adults alike. That’s Neil underwater.

Me and Pop.

It didn’t matter what size pool we had, we always had family fun times in them!

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