Our Family Scrapbook

Nanny’s Family

Nanny (Mom, to me) was born on October 31, 1929, to Mary Walters and Robert Gricken. She was the first of seven children. The world was in pretty bad shape that year, with the stock market crash happening just two days before her birth. When she was just 10 years old, WWII began and didn’t end until 1945.

Next in line were Anita, Ronnie, Gerri, Roberta, Bobby and Mary. As the eldest, it was always Mom’s job to help with her younger siblings.

Anita died in December 1999 of Lupus. Ronnie died in _____ of cancer. Mary died in ______of heart disease. Roberta died in 2015 of an aneurysm. Nanny died in 2016 of heart and lung disease. Gerri died in 2019 of Alzheimer’s disease. Bobby died in 2023 of lung disease.

Except for Mary, who died when she was 60, they all lived into their 80s. I take that as a good sign.

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