Our Family Scrapbook

My Sweet Children

When I think back to the days when Angie and Neil were young, I know they were some of the most beautiful days of my life. I loved being their mom and watching them grow and change.

Angie was born on August 1, 1967, and Neil came along on December 10, 1971. Angie was an amazing big sister, she was so in love with her baby brother. She was my little helper, always happy to help me care for Neil.

When Angie went to school, Neil asked me 100 times a day when she was coming home. In the afternoon, he would watch her walking up the driveway from the living room window, and then he would run to the door to give her a big hug. Angie was so sweet, she would hug him and say, “Hi, Neilie!” Oh, those days were so beautiful. I would love to go back, just for a day, to spend time with my little ones.

Well, they are all grown up now, and they are both beautiful, kind and sweet. They are generous with their time, and they always make me feel very special. I am one very lucky mom.

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