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My son, the Renaissance Man!

If ever there was a self-taught man, it is my son, Neil. Ask not, “What can he do?” but, rather, “What can’t he do?” It’s a long story that I will write in parts…

This post, first published in September 2013, is about Neil, my wonderful son.

He may be a “man’s man,” able to rebuild an engine, explain quantum physics, ride a motorcycle and patch a large hole in the drywall, but this guy can also cook!

PART ONE: Neil, the Chef

Friday, September 13th, was our lucky day!

It was a few days after Peter’s birthday and a few days before mine. Neil arrived at our house with his pots and pans, cleavers and spices and turned our kitchen into a paradise of delectable aromas.

This chicken dish is his famous, mouth-watering Beer Butt Chicken, cooked to perfection on the barbecue (I hadn’t topped my potatoes with his amazing homemade gravy when the photo was taken).

Stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, dipping sauce and freshly prepared veggies rounded off this awesome dinner. Not shown in the photo are the hot apple pie and ice cream that we had for dessert (compliments of our sweet granddaughter, Ashleigh!) I didn’t eat for two days after this unbelievable meal!

I will never forget this wonderful day! What a great and unique birthday gift! A fantastic meal prepared with love by my amazing son. It doesn’t get better than that.  Thanks, Neil!! I love you more than chocolate!!

And now, to make your mouth water, here are some of Neil’s latest dishes

The first is his Italian spaghetti beautifully garnished as always, and toasted garlic cheese bread on the side! My granddaughter, Ashleigh, was the lucky girl to enjoy this beautiful meal, while I had to be satisfied with just a photo. (Life can be so unfair, sometimes!)

Next is a salmon dinner he cooked for his wife, Jenn–lucky girl! Neil cooked the salmon on parchment paper. In his usual meticulous fashion, he left no detail unattended–every carrot slice is positioned just so. Picture-perfect…and delicious!

Neil, you keep on amazing me!


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