Our Family Scrapbook

Peter, my husband, my love

Peter, my Sweet P.
One spring day in 1990, I decided to take the afternoon off. I headed home, put on my swimsuit and went to the rooftop terrace to relax in the sun. The sun was scorching, and I had to keep going to the outdoor shower to cool off. I noticed that the other sun worshipers had brought spray bottles filled with water to cool themselves down. A fellow beside me offered to share his water bottle, which I graciously accepted. His name was Peter.

Peter and I began chatting, oblivious to the fact that the others were leaving and the sun was going down. I liked him. A lot. He was intelligent, sensible, kind and funny. We learned a lot about each other that afternoon, and our lifelong friendship began.

Peter worked in high-tech, and I was raised by a dad who was a pioneer in computers, so Peter and I had something in common. We got together every weekend to try out new computer programs and experiment with the budding World Wide Web. We were the best of friends for 13 years.

On June 28, 2003, Peter was at my place for a Saturday evening dinner. When our meal was finished, we went outside to sit on the porch. He looked at me and, patting his knee, said, “Come sit here.” I did and that’s when we said, “I love you,” to which I responded, “I love you, too.” It took us 13 years, but we were truly ready for this relationship.

A few months later, we moved into a new house and began our life together as a couple. We were so compatible! It’s been 21 years now, and there has rarely been a cross word or a disagreement. We love the same style of house, interior decor, music, movies, and food. I used to houseclean too much and he too little, but together, we’ve found a happy medium.

Peter is a thoughtful, kind, generous and caring husband. He surprises me with special gifts, takes me out to dinner, keeps my computers running perfectly, and helps me with almost everything. My children and grandchildren love him, and my late mom absolutely adored him.

That spring day on the rooftop was pivotal in my life. I have been blessed. I love Peter more today than yesterday and less than I will tomorrow. He is my angel, my Sweet P.

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