Our Family Scrapbook

Mom graduates college

In August 1986, the same week my 20-year marriage ended, I began studying Public Relations at Algonquin College.

For the first seven months, I lived in an apartment on Carling Avenue and had to walk to school carrying a load of books, my purse, lunch, and whatever else I had to bring that day. It was a 45-minute walk twice a day, four times a day on Tuesday when I had an 8:00 a.m. class and nothing else until 4 p.m.

I weighed 98 pounds, ate very little, exercised a lot, and studied non-stop. In fact, I didn’t even pick up a magazine or a novel for the entire time I was in school. I graduated in 1988, first in my class, with a 4.0 grade average. I would do it all again if I was younger. I loved school.

This was my second time at Algonquin College. The first time, I studied Library Technology, which is a Library Science course offered at universities. When I began working in a library, I found it dull and unsatisfying. Hence, I decided to enroll in the Public Relations Program. I also took night courses at the College: Business Law, Principles of Management, and Children’s Literature.

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