Our Family Scrapbook

Neil takes me on a beautiful drive to St. Raphael’s Catholic Church ruins.

Both Angie and Neil are wonderful, sweet, caring and loving kids. They plan special activities they know I will love. I am writing about them because I want them both to know that I love them and appreciate our time together. This first story is about a lovely drive that Neil took me on in 2022. He knows I love country drives, cows in fields, horses and old houses and buildings.

It was a cold day in autumn, but we were cozy in Neil’s car. We had some music playing and we talked and talked and talked. Never any shortage of conversation with Neil! We drove to Williamstown, Ontario, to visit the ruins of St. Raphael’s Catholic Church.

St. Raphael’s Catholic Church was completed in 1821 under the authority of Alexander Macdonell, later Bishop of Regiopolis (now Kingston, Ontario). This is one of the oldest churches in what was then the colony of Upper Canada. In late 1970, the church interiors, roof and tower were destroyed by fire, but the ruins were preserved. In 1973, a smaller church with the same name was built, attached to the ruins.

It must have been an awesome church!

When the cold winds forced us back into the car, we decided it was time for a good meal. We found the cutest restaurant with the friendliest server!

I don’t remember the restaurant’s name, but I took some pictures on our way in.

Neil and I just loved these beautiful windows.

The food was great, and the service was excellent. It was a fantastic day with my amazing son, Neil!

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