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I hate cooking!

I just came across this piece I posted on my old blog on January 12, 2011, and thought I would give it another run.

I hate cooking. I have accepted this fact, and I admit it without shame or guilt. I reached this level of acceptance only recently, soon after remodelling my kitchen.

So many people go through life thinking, “When I get the new house, I will be happy,” or, “When we buy that new car, we will be happy.” I was, in fact, in that same “when I get it” trap. I really believed that when I had a better kitchen, I would feel differently about cooking. I could even visualize myself wearing an apron and following a real recipe.

So here I am, about four months into the new kitchen, and every night at 5 p.m., I still groan and wonder how I can prepare a tasty, nutritious and well-balanced meal without raising my butt from my office chair. When my husband offers to bring home subs, I feel a warm rush of happiness. I figure we’ve hit pay dirt–after all, a sub does include all the food groups (except chocolate).

So, the moral of my story is that all the granite on the planet and all the Lagostina in the Cucina do not make a cook.

I would happily sell my stove today. Just give me my laptop, iPhone, crochet hooks, sewing machine, shovels and hammers, craft supplies, and piano, and I’ll be a happy woman!!

P.S. I’ll keep the microwave.

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