Our Family Scrapbook

Granny Hays

Granny Hays was my children’s great-grandmother on their father’s side. She was a humble lady with a soft voice and an unpretentious personality. She loved all the great-grandchildren.

Granny Hays was pretty much deaf and used a hearing aid that offered little help. When she was in her late seventies, she got breast cancer and had one breast removed, but that didn’t slow her down. She lived with her daughter, Muriel, and did her fair share of work around the house. Once a week, she would go down into the basement and do all of the laundry in a wringer washer. If I remember correctly, there was a clothes dryer, so she didn’t have to hang them outside.

Granny Hays spent a lot of time reading Harlequin romance novels. Reading was easier for her than watching television because she didn’t miss any words.

When she was a young woman and newly married, she and her husband, Henry, lived in a lumber camp and cooked three meals a day for all the lumberjacks.

Granny Hays on her 80th birthday with Angie helping to blow out her candles.

She was loved by everyone in the family and, to this day, is greatly missed.

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