Our Family Scrapbook

My first grandchild-it’s a girl–Lindsay!

Lindsay Marie Durling was my first grandchild, born on January 4, 1991. She was a gorgeous baby, and I was a proud first-time grandma. For my parents, Lindsay was their first great-grandchild, and they were thrilled.

I bought Lindsay a little western hat and scarf on a business trip to Calgary. She was the cutest little cowgirl ever!

Here are some childhood photos of Lindsay…

Angie and Lindsay on a windy day. We were shopping at the Glen Cairn Mall.

Lindsay’s First Communion.

Lindsay loved playing soccer.

Today, Lindsay is 33 and in a happy relationship with her soulmate, Mike Sinclair. They both work out at the gym regularly and eat highly nutritious meals. She is just as sweet today as she was way back then. Lindsay is always kind, gentle, and a real lady. She makes me very proud to be her grandma. Mike is a great guy and a successful entrepreneur. We all love him to pieces.

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