Our Family Scrapbook

Gloria meets the horses

It was my lifelong dream to pet a horse, but I was afraid. I love horses; they are among the most beautiful animals on the planet. However, my fear of these big animals kept me away from them for 74 years.

In the fall of 2022, Neil made my dream come true! He took me to the home of a wonderful lady who had two horses. She also had endless patience and the willingness to help me overcome my fear. She started by asking me to touch the top of the horse’s nose, which I did, and I was proud. Next, she asked me to brush the horse, which I also did, and again, I was proud. Then she had me lead the horse around the barn–yes, I did that too, and I was so proud of myself. Neil and I are planning to take a ride as soon as we can find a place that will welcome two non-riders who want to experience the thrill of sitting atop a horse.

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