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Cookie, happiness is a warm puppy

Puppy love mornings

Originally posted on November 12, 2010.

Every morning, about a half-hour before I’m ready to get up and greet the day, my little white Bichon Frise, Cookie, puts her wet nose to my face, wags her powder puff tail and looks directly into my eyes. This, decidedly, is my cue to get up and head down to the kitchen for breakfast. While it would appear that she has me well-trained, the truth is I can’t resist her impish ways, and I quickly forget my sleepiness as I watch her bounce happily down the stairs beside me. When she hears me take my cereal bowl out of the kitchen cabinet, she curls up in my husband’s big chair and drifts into a contented sleep.

At first, I was the teeniest bit annoyed that Cookie would wake me up, drag me down to the kitchen and then promptly fall asleep. But the more I think about it, the more I look into her big, beautiful eyes, the more I realize she just wants me to be near her. My nearness makes her happy.

I can no longer imagine mornings without my four-legged, barking alarm clock. She puts the sunshine into my day, and her nearness makes me happy!


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