Our Family Scrapbook

My second grandchild-it’s a boy–Austin!

Austin Arden Durling, Lindsay’s little brother, was my first grandson. Of course, he was the cutest little guy you ever did see.

Born on January 28, 1994, Angie always described Austin as “busy.” And, busy he was. He was an extremely creative child, always drawing, colouring or making a collage. As he grew up, his creativity flourished, and he continued to draw, paint and try just about any craft.

Austin loved to play golf with Peter. He and Peter have always been great buddies.

Austin graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in Radio and Television Broadcasting. Today, Austin works in the House of Commons and is responsible for their video recordings. He is engaged to his soulmate, Coco Donati. Coco is also highly creative and a talented artist. She and Austin fit together like puzzle pieces. The whole family loves Coco.

He hosts Trivia Night at various local restaurants in his hometown of Arnprior, Ontario.

And I must mention that Austin absolutely loves Hallowe’en and sets up amazing displays every October 31st…with lots of help from Coco.

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