Our Family Scrapbook

My third grandchild…it’s a girl–Ashleigh!

Ashleigh Christine Gloria Coulombe was born on May 16, 1994. She was a beautiful, rosy-cheeked baby with thick dark hair. She was Neil and Jenn’s first and only child.

Ashleigh’s christening at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Fallowfield, Ontario.

Ashleigh was a comical kid who would give herself a time-out when misbehaving.

Today, Ashleigh is just about to turn 30. She has a diploma in social work from Algonquin College and works as a counsellor in a group home. She and her partner, Malika Sibera, have a four-year-old son named Ethan, the apple of his Poppa’s eye (Ashleigh’s dad, Neil).

Ethan’s christening: Neil (Poppa), Malika, Ashleigh and Ethan, Jenn (Grandma)

Ethan is now four years old and a lively, intelligent young man who loves dinosaurs and Matchbox cars (especially when Poppa plays with him). He’s sweet and loving, and I know he will grow into a kind and intelligent adult. He will be going to pre-kindergarten this September. Oh, how time flies!

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