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The Bully

I was walking home from school one day

When a big, bad bully said, “Get out of my way.”

I looked at him, right in the eye

And said, “You are nothing but a big bad guy.”

“You’d better watch your mouth,” said he,

“or I’ll tie you in knots and put you up in a tree.”

“Tie me in knots? I don’t think so,” said I.

“You make me laugh, you big, bad guy.”

Well, all of a sudden, his eyes grew big,

And his ears began flapping, he’d flipped his wig.

Smoke started blowing out of his ears

But it didn’t bother me, I had no fears.

His crazy grin showed his missing teeth

And a cloud hung over his head like a wreath.

His muscles blew up like big balloons

He was one mad and crazy buffoon.

He narrowed his eyes into little slits

And came rushing towards me with big, hard fists.

One look at him and I had a hunch

If I didn’t run fast, he’d eat me for lunch.

But I didn’t need to run, and I wasn’t scared

And I wouldn’t fight, even if I was dared.

So what is a four-foot kid to do

When a bully comes chasing after you?

Well, I stopped in my tracks and put up my hand

And told this bully I would stand my stand.

I had no intention of running

So, if he was serious, he could keep on coming,

I said, “I won’t hit you first, and I won’t hit back,

So if it’s a fight you want, you’re on the wrong track.

Well, he put his fists down mighty fast

And said he had a question to ask.

“Where does a little guy like you get the guts

To tell a bully like me that I am nuts?”

“Hey,” I said, “anyone can punch and fight,

but you should use your strength for good and right.”

Now, you may be tall, and you may be svelte

But what you didn’t know is I’m a third-degree black belt!

I was taught right from the start

To be a gentleman in deed and a gentleman at heart.

So shake my hand, and be my friend

And all this fighting will come to an end.

With a silly grin, and a pat on the back,

We shook hands and made a pact.

I’ll be your buddy, and you’ll be my friend,

And that, boys and girls, is the end!

(Well, really, it’s the beginning—of a new friendship!)

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