One Bathroom Reno: Check!

Our shoestring reno budget got stretched, but it was worth every penny.

bathroom-wordWhen we moved into our 1972 bungalow in 2013, we knew we had lots of work ahead of us to make this drab house into our cozy home. We were determined to do as much of it as possible by ourselves and on a shoestring budget. That said, when it came to our kitchen and main bathroom, we simply didn’t have the time, tools or expertise to tackle a full reno. So, reluctantly, I blew the dust off of my piggy bank and hired a professional bathroom and kitchen renovation company. Goodbye shoestring budget. Goodbye savings.

Although we have another full bathroom in the basement, the main floor bathroom is the one we use every day, so we wanted it done, done right and done fast. Back in the 1970’s,  when this house was built, bathrooms were all about function and definitely not about luxury. The “spa” bathroom was an extravagance found only in the very richest homes (we thought only movie stars had big fancy bathrooms). So, here is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in…note the weird etchings on the bathroom mirror (someone must have gotten an etching kit for Christmas and thought that a zebra, a mountain goat and some seaweed would look great etched (forever) into their bathroom mirror). Note: not my shower curtain, this photo was from the real estate listing.


13_tripp_crescent_mls_hid746807_roommainbathroomAFTER…   Here is our new and improved bathroom.


We went for a traditional style vanity with quartz countertop. All of the accents (hardware, mirror, medicine cabinet) in the room are  a warm dark brown.


We replaced our old bathtub with a walk-in shower. The rain shower and handheld water sources are such a treat! A teak shower bench makes it so easy to shave my legs! All of my decor items are things I picked up on sale or at the dollar store. Who says things have to be expensive to be pretty?

I love our new light! It's pretty and provides more light than we've ever had before.

I love our new light! It’s pretty and provides more light than we’ve ever had before. Hey, look at me in the mirror…duh!!!

And, what would a bathroom reno be without some new towels? I bought these scrumptious towels and this adorable farm truck painting with a gift certificate that some wonderful friends gave me for my birthday, which fell conveniently right after our reno was completed. (I love the painting because it’s 1) farm-related 2) there are dogs in it 2) it’s red and 4) it’s so unexpected in a bathroom.




I brought these clay fish home many years ago from a vacation in Cape Cod. I love them!


This pretty metal storage rack was my half-price find at HomeSense. It’ sturdy, yet light enough to move for cleaning under and behind.


I found these sweet shells in Cape Cod and decided they would look pretty in frames. I used a piece scrapbooking paper for the backgrouond and the frames were $5 each at Wal-Mart










So that’s it for our bathroom renovation. It’s stylish, functional and (we think) very pretty.

I hope you will drop in again, soon, to see our kitchen reno–which is also finished. Oh, and we’re in the process of painting our huge dark brick fireplace. It’s taking lots of elbow grease, but it’s really going to brighten up our living room! I will be posting photos and the tips we learned…the hard way.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy DIYing…and, remember to pace yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and every reno takes longer and costs more than you think it will. But, that’s all part of the game.