Finally, a pantry that makes it easy to find what I’m looking for!

Sometimes, what seems like a great idea, just isn’t.

When I bought this house two years ago, it was already 42 years old. It had had a few upgrades, sometime during the 1980’s. The kitchen, for instance had been renovated to include a pantry with sliding wire racks. Well, at first glance they seemed like such a cool idea–that is, until I found out how heavy they were. Those old steel racks took up too much room in the cabinet and were awkward to pull out when loaded with all shapes and sizes of cans, bags and boxes. The solution: get rid of them!

2014-11-06 16.48.22

In a matter of 15 minutes, I had the racks out and the bottom sliders unscrewed. Next, I measured the inside of the cabinet to determine the length of the shelves. I wanted to leave space at the bottom for a “junk food” bucket, so I decided to go with six shelves.

2015-02-05 17.13.32Peter and I then made a quick trip to our local Home Depot, where we bought the mounting rods and brackets. We had the shelves cut right there–first five cuts are free, and he gave us the last one as a bonus.

Back home we installed the three verticle mounting bars (using a level, of course), put the brackets on and popped the shelves in. Voilà! A brand new pantry with easy-to-see and easy-to-reach shelves. Total cost: $200. Total time: two hours. Well worth it!

P.S.Wondering what we did with the steel shelves? We put them at the road on garbage collection day and they were quickly picked up by the scrap metal collector truck that scours our neighbourhood. We’re looking after our environment, nothing wasted!!

Tools required: level, variable speed drill with screwdriver bits.

Pretty collage for a bare bathroom wall

Oh, this old house still needs a lot of tender love care. I have so many ideas that would transform this place into my dream home…if only I had the money and time, sigh. Take our bathroom, for instance, it’s classic 1980; it doesn’t even have lights over the vanity, just a ceiling light in the middle of the room. Try putting on your make-up in that!

While the bathroom waits patiently for its turn for a makeover, I decided the least I could do was add a little character to it. So, I ransacked my house for anything floral and called it a “theme.” (LOL) Here’s are some photos of my mini-makeover that cost me nothing more than an hour of my time. What do you think?


Don’t you just love dollar store finds?

collage 2

I found the pretty pitcher at a second hand shop and the silk roses are 20-year old. They’re so droopy that the look real.

Roses in pitcher

I hope this inspires you to put some of your favourite things together to pretty up a boring space. Thanks, for stopping by. As always, more to come…