It’s us against the front lawn!

Hi, this is me, Globug.

Hi, this is me, Globug.

I was going to wait until I had something really spectacular to show off, but, my new friend and neighbour, Ruth (whom I just love), told me that while she liked my blog, it was time for me to put up something new. So, Ruth, this one is for  you!

I’ve been super-busy since the last time I posted here on Home at Last. Between fixing up the inside of the house, landscaping, work, family (my two kids, Angie and Neil are grown, but have multiplied and…well, parrents,  you know what that means)…anyway, it’s all a girl can do to keep all the balls in the air. So, blogging often gets put on the back burner in favour of cooking–and I would rather eat worms than cook, but, oh well!!!

So, back to the point at hand. Last summer was a scorcher. Between the extreme high temperatures, scorching sun and water restrictions, everyone’s lawn dried up and turned into a dull, beige, crispy mat. It was really weird not seeing lush green grass–I even missed the sound of lawn mowers on Saturday mornings. There was a huge a run on rain barrels and, despite the fact that every man,woman, and child hooked one up to their downspouts, there simply wasn’t enough water to keep even one blade of grass alive.

We bought the house in January, at a time when lawn health was the last thing on our minds. And, then, spring arrived…AND WE SAW IT. That…that…that is our lawn? We cried; we laughed; and we planned our strategy. Us against the lawn!!

Here is our “lawn” at the beginning of May…isn’t it SAD? But, we were ready for the challenge…

Frame_13-Tripp-June 2013 (4)

Here is our lawn at the end of June…one application of Golf Green grass seed; one application of all-in-one lawn food (Scott’s Turf Builder), and about five minutes of weeding-pulling and…voila…

Frame_13-Tripp-June 2013 (13)

Not bad, huh? And we are not through with it, yet! By the end of the summer it will be a prize-winning masterpiece–okay, maybe that’s a little ambitious, but Peter and I are both over-achievers.

I’ve been so busy working that I’m really behind in my blogging, both here, at Home at Last and at Globug Ideasso, today, I’m going to blog my behind off! Oh, and Ruth, big hugs to you and thanks for reading my blog, girlfriend!!!