Lovin’ my BIG shed!

 Meet our shed!

It’s big. It’s solid. It’s spacious! It’s OURS!

And, look, it has two doors…but, why? Maybe the former owners went to a two-for-one sale at Home Depot.


And, it’s a mess!


But, in our defense, we moved into our house in January, right in the midst of a cold, nasty, snow-drifting blizzard. It was so cold outside. We were so tired. And, we were so eager to get the important stuff into our house that we literally piled stuff,haphazardly, in the shed.

February 2013 (19)

It bugged me and bugged me and bugged me, all winter long. I HAD to get that shed organized!

And, that’s exactly what we did, today.

That’s my Sweet P, Peter. Smiling, as always!

DSCF1218This is  me. I’m smiling, too, because I’m so happy to be cleaning and organizing our big, beautiful shed!  What a mess, huh? Sometimes, you have to make things worse before they can get better.

Frame_Gloria cleaning the garden shed 2013

Three hours later…


Looking good!

Not bad, but it’s not finished, yet. Tomorrow I will finish organizing and grouping together all like items, such as gardening products, tools, etc., into containers. And then, the final touch: Labels. I love labels!! By the way, the big black shelves are from Costco, $24.97, each. They are super strong and snap together in about five minutes. A well-spent $75.

We were able to accomplish all this, thanks to our consultant, our guiding light, our savvy supervisor, Cookie. Thanks, Boss!


Coming next week: Project New Fence!